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 First in the world ! Tap wate changes into lotion

Eau de shushu easily changes tap water

into hydrogen ion water(soft water)

It acts gently on the delicate skin,

restores tired skin to healthy condition skin 

and firms and moisturizes.

Eau de shushu

Water for skin PATENT No.2989150

Eau de shushu 150ml \5,800(tax excluded)

♥skin moisturizing morning and evening and finish of make-up

♥for suntan and flush after sports

♥a relief from desk work

♥for your body after bath and for your skin after face washing

♥for babies' diaper rash and men's skin after shaving

♥possible about 30,000 times spray

you can clean even pores

When you wash your skin with tap water and soap,

there remains a thin film of soap dregs over your skin and pores.

The water which was made by eau de shushu has cleaning effect.

It is soft water of hydrogen ion water.

It dissolves the film and removes the extra dirt.

Why don't you feel fresh and smooth skin?

Gentle to the skin

Eau de shushu removes hardness component such as calucium,

magnesium and free chlorine which is contained in tap water and

damages the skin.

Eau de shushu makes soft water of hydrogen ion water

which is gentle to the skin.

After spraying, you can feel fresh and dewy skin.

From baby to the old, you can use this happily.

ph adjustment of the skin

It makes your tired skin to acid ph.

Also, when temperature becomes higher and your pores open of your

skin surface swells because of sweat, it tights skin and reset your glow.

Customers: NTT docomo, Nissen,TakarazukaRevueCompany etc.

the sale origin

Maker: Maxim Business Project

address 〒564-0053 oosakafu suita-city enokimachi











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