Let's store our drinking water! Preparing against the disasters such as earthquakes,we can't predict when they will occur.


Preparing against the disasters such as earthquakes,we can't predict when they will occur.

Let's store our drinking water!

nankai trough  earthquake

the great kanto  earthquake

earthquake occur almost every day.

permanent strage for disasters and emergencies

tap water turns into famous spring water.

naturalism originaru corlsand21

earthquake will certainly come! drinking water is the most important!

It changes tap water into super-famous spring water

 by the japanese law,

we have got the certificate that corl sand water never goes bad,

and bacteria never propagate ando it is the best as drinking water.

(since the begining of japan)

you can say this even the nobel prize. this is the epoch-making certificate.

Original coral sand 21 It changes tap water into super-famous spring water

1.  It removes active oxygen which is called the cause of lifestyle-related diseases.

2.Instantly it removes chlorine which is contained in tap water.

Chlorine breaks vitamin

3.It excretes fat and discharges waste from your body.

4.Water never goes bad, bacteria never propagates.

We have got date from the Ministry of Health, Labour and

Welfare and its designated inspecthion organization.

This splendid date is extremely unusual and special.

5.You can use it 100 times repeatedly.So it very economical

original coral sand 21. One stick is for 100 PET bottles(500ml)

of tap water.

Let's turn tap water into natural mineral coral water!

Its main ingredient is natural coral sand refined from tropical

natural coral.

It removes the smell of chlorine and mold from tap water

It never contains organic matter so you can use this with a safe


Minerals such as calcium and magnesium dissolve into water to

make tasty weak alkaline water.

Bacteriostatic activities of silver prevent the propagation of

bacteria.(a colon bacillus,salmonella, staphylococcus aureus, an

influenza virus,norovirus, withered fungi)

It absorbs heavy metal such as lead and iron rust, and purifies water

amount: natural coral grain activator 22g

ingredient: coral calcium 99.9% silver 0.1%

Maker: Maxim Business Project

address 〒564-0053 oosakafu suita-city enokimachi









E-mail coralsand2100@gmail.com

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